Speaking prophetically to one’s community; daily office commentary on Matthew 10:17-28.

“For most of my life I thought that speaking “prophetically” meant seeing the future or speaking in the role of a divinely authorized leader of a religious institution. In Jesus’s context, though, prophets most often emerged not from the leadership of the institutional political or religious class, but rather from the people, and sometimes even from outside the religious community. They were tasked with calling the institution, its leaders, and its community to repentance.”

Daily office commentary, Mark 11:15-18; Jesus as a “religious populist”?

“So now this is something I am sitting with: I simultaneously applaud Jesus for giving a black eye to the religious elites who were seeking to control and economically exploit their people… while also firmly of the opinion that politicians who make populism central to their rhetoric and politics are dangerous to the health and vibrancy of a liberal democratic political system.” #dailyoffice

Christian Universalism and God’s radical acceptance, presence, and love for all, “to the ends of the earth”

“These passages teach that God’s acceptance, presence, love, and salvation are openly and freely given to all on a radically equal basis, no exceptions. While our social psychology makes it difficult (if not ultimately impossible) for us to do the same, it seems an ideal worth striving for with all our might as disciples of God.”

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