“Ministry in a Secular Age” by Andrew Root; summary and reflections

“The most effective way for Christians, clergy, and congregations alike to make God visible in today’s secular world is through ministry. In other words, being present with and serving others in ways that reveal God and God’s nature to those to whom we minister. In these ministry efforts, God can be incarnated in a way that is comprehensible to those whose worldviews have been shaped by modernity and secularism.”

Daily office commentary, Mark 11:15-18; Jesus as a “religious populist”?

“So now this is something I am sitting with: I simultaneously applaud Jesus for giving a black eye to the religious elites who were seeking to control and economically exploit their people… while also firmly of the opinion that politicians who make populism central to their rhetoric and politics are dangerous to the health and vibrancy of a liberal democratic political system.” #dailyoffice

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